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Secret of Life - Water Soluble Resveratrol

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Product Description

Secret of Life - Water Soluble Resveratrol (30 caps)


Activate the properties of SIR2 antioxidant enzymes to help eliminate free radicals.

The level of antioxidant enzymes in our bodies gradually decreases as we age.

Free radical is one of the causes of aging, It is generated in the mitochondria of cells and it can cause damages to our cells, which results in the aging process.

Naturally our body contains enzymes that help to eliminate the free radicals. However, the production of such enzymes often fails to keep pace with the production of free radicals as they are produced even while we are eating or exercising. This results in damages to our cells, which naturally translates into aging.


If we can increase the level of enzymes in our bodies to eliminate free radicals, it will weaken the effects of free radicals, thereby preventing aging at a cellular level.

Polyphenol is widely known as a strong antioxidant properties, which helps our bodies to eliminate excess free radicals. Secret of Life is manufactured using resveratrol extracts (highly effective in eliminating free radicals), turmeric extract and soy lecithin, which are the best golden combination that aids in the achievement of longevity.


Resveratrol is found primarily in grape peel and the peanut skins. Known as the “dream material”, resveratrol has miraculous anti-aging effect that have attracted worldwide attention.

However, it is also known to be difficult for absorption by the human digestive system. Therefore, Secret of Life's research team has used soy lecithin manufactured into a form of lipid endorsac, which is then combined with resveratrol, resulting in the formation of lipid endorsac resveratrol to be transported to each cell in our body.


Studies have shown that resveratrol has antioxidant, anticancer, anti-metabolic syndrome, anti-inflammatory and anti-Alzheimer’s properties and is effective in the improvement of lipid metabolism and regulation of female hormonal secretion etc.

In addition, resveratrol helps stimulate cellular energy, enhance the main structural composition of our skin (the formula of hyaluronic acid, collagen and repair epidermal cells), reduce fine lines and wrinkles, thereby restoring the luster and youthfulness of our skin.


Resveratrol helps activate longevity-related genes, in additional to regulating the stability of our metabolism and energy level, thereby preventing the aging process.

When longevity –related genes are activate, it can effectively help improve the fat levels in our body, regulate our blood pressure, blood sugar and neutral fat levels. It is a form of deacetylase that is able to extend longevity.

Telomeres at the ends of chromosomes determine the length of a cell’s life.

As cells divide and split up, telomeres gradually become shorter and will soon stop dividing and proliferate, resulting in an aging cell.

Endonuclease is a telomere-cutting enzyme, a longevity gene (AD-dependent deacetylase) that reacts to chromosome condensation (shorten process) enzyme is a substance called SIR2, which is very important connective substance.

Almost all living cells contain SIR2 and it is a NAD –dependent protein deacetylase also known as the “life controlling gene”, by activating the SIR2 protein, it can help hinder the activity of endonuclease, which will in turn reduce telomere cell division, activate longevity –related cells, while stabilizing metabolism and energy, thereby achieving the objective of slowing down the aging process.

Resveratrol helps enhance the properties of longevity–related genes and this is the reason why resveratrol is effective in promoting longevity.


  1. Combines easily with residual proteins in the stomach, causing it to be damaged and difficult to be absorbed.
  2. Broken down by gastric acid.
  3. Intolerant to light source, easily decomposed and destructed upon exposure to light, resulting in difficulties in its extraction


  1. It aids in the combination of sugar molecules with resveratrol molecules, which leads to the gradual formation of resveratrol glycoside, thereby resolving the issues pertaining to resveratrol, such as intolerance to light and difficulties in its extraction. In turn, the absorption rate of water-soluble resveratrol in the human body will be greatly enhanced.
  2. Resveratrol glycoside cannot be broken down by gastric acid, therefore it will not be combined with residues in the stomach (especially proteins). This allows resveratrol to be successfully transported to each cell in our body,


Lecithin is the main component of cell membranes, it helps maintain cellular energy in our muscles, kidney, brain, nerves etc. therefore it is also known as a rejuvenating nutrient.

Soy lecithin is an unsaturated fatty acid found in soybeans. Lecithin , also known as phospholipid, it is a type of lipid substance that has both lipophilic and hydrophilic properties.

Lecithin is natural emulsifier, it aids in dissolving cholesterols deposited on blood vessel walls and dissolve wastes found in cells, thereby allowing blood to flow smoothly. When blood flow is obstructed, it affects metabolism, which shows the importance of lecithin. It can help suppress atherosclerosis, prevent cerebral stroke and it is also effective in controlling calories for weight loss purposes. In addition, it helps to ease stiff neck ad cold limbs that are experienced during the weight loss process. 

Content: for each capsule (300mg)


Water- soluble resveratrol


Grape seed extract


Turmeric extract


Soy lecithin


Vitamin E


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