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The establishment of Nontoxicspace.com is to showcase the products and services that we believe are wholesome to our health and yet do little damage, if any, to the environment. To be sure, it is close to impossible to use only environmentally friendly products in this highly urbanized country (we are located in Singapore). However, wherever possible, we hope to generate minimal impact on our mother earth.

There are some products that, out of necessity and economical consideration, might not that “wholesome” to the users, if that is the case, we will highlight the point and show the user how to ameliorate or minimize the harmful effect of the product concerned.

Our motto is “Creating a non-toxic space in a toxic environment”. We are currently embarking on a project to recycle some woods thrown discarded by residents and industries, by giving them a second lease of life through turning them into something that can be re-used by us.

Prior to the setting up of this site, we have been and still are in the organic and natural product business for about 10 years. The founder, Edwin has spent the bulk of his time and energy giving several hundred sessions of talks to educate the locals to be more conscious of their health, the environment, lifestyle and food.

From now on, he wishes to focus his energy on the protection and preservation of the environment…

His profile is here…

You’re welcome to share your thoughts and suggestions with him. He can be contacted by email: Edwin@nontoxicspace.com

Thank you.